Mount Robson Provincial Park

Mount Robson 
Provincial ParkWhen you first see 3,954-metre Mount Robson from the highway about 25 kilometres away, it’s obvious that the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies is also one of the most spectacular, with its immense bulk rising nearly 3,000 metres above you. And there’s no better place to admire its grandeur than at the Berg Lake Campground, which sits at the northern base of the peak, about a day’s hike from the highway. As its name suggests, the campground is located beside a small lake that actually contains mini icebergs that have broken off from a glacier on the mountain above.

Things to do: The Berg Lake area has several world-class hikes. If you need a recovery day after the 20-kilometre trek in, hike the Mumm Basin route for an eye-popping overview of Robson’s glaciated flanks for relatively little effort. The Snowbird Pass hike is an ambitious 22-kilometre round trip that runs along moraines, through alpine meadows and past the stunning Robson Glacier. The pass itself peers down on the vast Reef Icefield, which looks as if it was transported from Antarctica.

Save time on the hike in and out by taking a mountain bike, which is allowed on the first seven kilometres of the Berg Lake Trail.

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