Class C Motorhome


You may be wondering why we are listing the Class C motorhome before the Class B. That’s because Class C motorhomes are more popular in the RV world. They can hold more people, and they can be found at a more affordable price point. Class C Motorhomes are built on a truck or van chassis with an attached cab section, while Class Bs are built within the dimensions of a customized van. Essentially, this means that Class Bs are more expensive to make.

Class C motorhomes feature many of the luxuries of your home, but they are easier to maneuver than a Class A. Class Cs are famous for their over-the-cab bunkbed perfect for families or full-timers who hosts guests.

Class C motorhomes range in size from 21 feet to 35 feet and come in both gas and diesel models. Like the Class A, these motorhomes  can tow a small vehicle for daytrips while you are camping. The price on these motorhomes range from $43,000 to $200,000 and up depending on the manufacturer, floorplans and options.

Class Cs are a fantastic motorhome for first time RVers, because they offer a more natural driving feel and greater maneuverability. Furthermore, Class Cs are perfect for those who don’t have a vehicle strong enough to tow a large travel trailer or fifth wheel. Typically, Class Cs are a good fit for families of 4-6 or a couple.



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