Class A Motorhome


Otherwise known as the king of motorhomes, the Class A is the largest of its kind, and it resembles a rock star’s tour bus. As a matter of fact, you will feel like a rock star exploring the country in a Class A motorhome because of its luxurious amenities. This style of motorhome has almost every amenity your home has, including a washer and dryer, king-size bed, full-size fridge, outside entertainment center, and much more! The Class A proves why RVs can be considered a home on wheels.

Class As range in size from 21 feet to a whopping 45 feet. Imagine all the people you could fit in a 45 footer! You can also choose a gas or a diesel model. The price for a Class A motorhome can range from $50,000 to $500,000 depending on the brand and options you choose. However, you can find a used model for much cheaper.

Class As can be for anyone who is looking to live a life of luxury on the road or at a campground. Most commonly, Class A owners are full-timers, those with large families or retired love birds looking to experience every inch of our beautiful country. A Class A would be most useful if you plan to use it year-round or quite a lot in general.

If you are worried about how to run a quick errand or explore outside of your campground, Class A motorhomes are also great for towing a small vehicle. No more worrying about taking down your campsite to leave. Just hop in your tow vehicle and adventure into the unknown.


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