3 Reasons Why RVing is the Best Way to Vacation

Most Americans get a few precious weeks of vacation each year. This time off is well-deserved and rightfully cherished. It’s a time to unload, escape from the daily grind and enjoy the freedom to relax, pursue hobbies and reconnect with loved ones. For those looking to make the most of their vacation, camping and the RV lifestyle offers a unique package of benefits for years of rewarding and memorable experiences.

Open-ended adventure

Vacation means different things to different people. For some, it’s early mornings fishing at the lake. Others, its sunbathing at the beach or exploring historical sites around the country. An RV makes it easy to do all of these, and, more importantly, RVers can participate in a variety of activities with the same vehicle. As long as there is a campground nearby, the options are endless. Head up to the mountains one weekend, then spend a week in Gettysburg and close out the summer with a tailgate party at the local racetrack.

Face-to-face family time

So often these days, our faces are buried in screens from morning to night. It’s easy for family members to get lost in their own personal worlds of social media, streaming video and web surfing. RV vacations are a great opportunity to reestablish family bonds, unplugged and offline. The wealth of activities at the campground will make your kids forget about the notifications building up on their phones. Hike and swim during the day. Build a campfire and tell ghost stories at night. Dust off the cards and board games for rainy weather.  These analog experiences are sure to become lifelong memories for everyone.

Fresh air, sunshine and blue skies

An RV is a family’s ticket to the outdoors. What better way to refresh from long days stuck inside at work or in a classroom than heading out into nature. Imagine a weekend soaking up natural light surrounding by the sights, smells and sounds of the forest. It’s a trip back to the simple life. Campers are free to stretch their legs and breathe in deep. Take a hike and examine the different plants and critters that cross your path. Grab the canoe and paddle around the lake to find hidden islands and inlets.  Embrace the opportunity to get back to the natural world and reinvigorate your spirit.

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