3 Signs You’re Ready for an RV Adventure

1) You are hypnotized by routine

You wake up. Hit the shower. Pack the kids’ lunches. Gulp down a coffee. Wait in traffic. Sit in a meeting. Stare at your computer. Wait in traffic. Cook dinner. Watch a show. Go to bed. Repeat and repeat and repeat…It’s easy to find yourself caught in a loop doing the daily grind. Sometimes it feels like a month goes by in the blink of an eye.

An RV adventure is the perfect way to break up the routine and swerve out of your normal lane. Head out to visit a new state or go to the lake you’ve been dreaming about at work. You can set your own schedule, so every day can be something new. Your regular life will be waiting for you, but there’s no need to hurry!


2) Your screens are giving you a headache

Many of us spend all day at work staring at a computer screen, then all night staring at a TV or a tablet with plenty of phone time in between. It often feels like our eyes are glued to the rectangular pieces of glass that surround us. Sometimes, all this screen time will even give us eye strain and headaches.

RVers know the best cure for screen-eye is a sunset over a beautiful vista. Unglue yourself from your devices and pack up for your rig for a weekend of restoration and recovery. You won’t find any clickbait out on the lake, and the beach doesn’t have an email address. Let the country’s natural beauty be the tonic for your tired eyes.


3) You’re spending too much time on the couch

We get it. Couches are comfy. There’s nothing better after a long day at work than plopping down with a snack to watch your favorite shows. Yet, it’s easy to fall into the couch potato lifestyle. Too many nights in a row, and you start to get up slower and get back down faster. Soon, comfort turns into lethargy and the couch becomes more of a trap than a respite.

When you feel like you’re becoming part of the couch, hurry out to your RV and get away to the campground. Get your legs moving by hitting the trail and going for a hike. Stretch out your back and start fishing. Replace your remote with a canoe paddle. Once you get outside, you’ll forget what kept you tied down to your old landing pad, and you will be inspired to get out more in your day to day life.


RV Canada
2098 Prince of Whales Drive
Ottawa, On Canada


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