3 Reasons Why RVing is the Best Way to Vacation

Most Americans get a few precious weeks of vacation each year. This time off is well-deserved and rightfully cherished. It’s a time to unload, escape from the daily grind and enjoy the freedom to relax, pursue hobbies and reconnect with loved ones. For those looking to make the most of their vacation, camping and the RV lifestyle offers a unique package of benefits for years of rewarding and memorable experiences.

Open-ended adventure

Vacation means different things to different people. For some, it’s early mornings fishing at the lake. Others, its sunbathing at the beach or exploring historical sites around the country. An RV makes it easy to do all of these, and, more importantly, RVers can participate in a variety of activities with the same vehicle. As long as there is a campground nearby, the options are endless. Head up to the mountains one weekend, then spend a week in Gettysburg and close out the summer with a tailgate party at the local racetrack.

Face-to-face family time

So often these days, our faces are buried in screens from morning to night. It’s easy for family members to get lost in their own personal worlds of social media, streaming video and web surfing. RV vacations are a great opportunity to reestablish family bonds, unplugged and offline. The wealth of activities at the campground will make your kids forget about the notifications building up on their phones. Hike and swim during the day. Build a campfire and tell ghost stories at night. Dust off the cards and board games for rainy weather.  These analog experiences are sure to become lifelong memories for everyone.

Fresh air, sunshine and blue skies

An RV is a family’s ticket to the outdoors. What better way to refresh from long days stuck inside at work or in a classroom than heading out into nature. Imagine a weekend soaking up natural light surrounding by the sights, smells and sounds of the forest. It’s a trip back to the simple life. Campers are free to stretch their legs and breathe in deep. Take a hike and examine the different plants and critters that cross your path. Grab the canoe and paddle around the lake to find hidden islands and inlets.  Embrace the opportunity to get back to the natural world and reinvigorate your spirit.

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Ottawa, On Canada

RV Hot Spot

Famous for its subtropical weather, bountiful attractions and pulsing nightlife, Myrtle Beach is a seaside playground for vacationers of all ages. The city is in the heart of the Grand Strand—60 miles of uninterrupted beach winding down the coast of South Carolina. Visitors can spend the day soaking up the sun, splashing in the warm ocean waves and enjoying unique rides and museums. Then, after a full day of adventure, they can indulge in countless dining options before taking in a show or dancing the night away.


The warm, Atlantic beaches are the main attractions of the Grand Strand. The ocean temperatures average around 80 degrees in the summer, and the long sandy shoreline is a sunbather’s paradise.  Beachcombers will find an abundance of shells and fossilized shark teeth hidden in the sand. The coast’s piers offer excellent fishing and crabbing opportunities. No license is required for pier-fishing, though the piers charge a fee. Enjoy the ocean parasailing or jet skiing, and hop on a guided tour for deep sea fishing and dolphin-watching.


Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular golf destinations in the US. The Grand Strand boasts over 100 courses with a diverse range of designs and difficulties. Its courses have been created by industry-leading pioneers, and several frequently appear high in national rankings. Public courses often offer discounts, and the area has been recognized for its affordable tee times. For families, the city offers many epic mini golf courses with castles, mountains, pirates and more adventures!

Shopping and dining

Find treasures and fill your closet with the myriad of shopping options available at Myrtle Beach. Boardwalk on the Beach is a massive shopping and entertainment complex with restaurants, boutiques, souvenir shops and attractions like Wonderworks and Ripley’s Aquarium. Visit the outlet malls for bargain deals on quality brands.

After building up an appetite at the beach, head out to one of the city’s diverse dining options. Myrtle Beach is renowned for its seafood, but there’s a restaurant for every taste. Hungry vacationers can find wings, burgers, Italian, fine dining, and more. Want some local flavor? Seek out Calabash-style fried seafood or Lowcountry cooking for a taste of the real Carolinas.

For campers looking for a rustic experience, Myrtle Beach State Park offers a uniquely undeveloped respite in the heart of the city. The park offers 66 full hook-up sites for RVs with water, sewer and electric. The park also includes a fishing pier (no SC license required), two easy hiking trails, and a mile-long beach.



7 Essential RV Accessories

Whether you recently purchased your first RV, or you are re-stocking for the season, it is important to make sure you have all the correct accessories to enjoy your camping experience. We have created a list of seven essential RV accessories which will help you connect safely to campground power sources, maintain your sewage system, provide clean drinking water, and more!

Of course, every RV has different needs, so make sure you check with your manufacturer or local dealer to obtain the right supplies for you. If you have questions or need to purchase an item, contact your nearest Campers Inn RV Parts & Accessories center, and we will be happy to help!

1) 30-50 and other electrical adapters:

Connect RV to park power sources

2) Surge protector/guard:

Keep electrical system safe when using campground power

3) Toliet chemicals:

Break down waster and toliet paper in holding tanks

4) RV sewer kit (including hose):

Empty black and gray water tanks

5) Water pressure regulator:

Regulate campground water pressure to protect RV plumbing

6) Drinking water safe hose:

Maintain clean drinking water source

7) Leveling blocks:

Ensure vehicle is level when parked



Epic Road Trips to Explore America’s Unique Landscapes

Put simply, America is a big country. It spans an entire continent, and it features eco-systems as diverse as they are unique: from the verdant forests of New England to the austere deserts of the Southwest. For many RVer’s, this abundance is preciously why they decided to join the lifestyle. An RV road trip is the best way to experience the variety of American landscapes in all their glory.

To help you pick your next journey, we have a compiled a list of our favorite epic road trips. We hope you’ll enjoy these amazing drives!

The Great River Road, Minnesota to Louisiana

Since the 1900s, the mighty Mississippi River has served as the spine of the American heartland. The water flows from the glacial lake, Itasca, in frozen Minnesota through the breadbasket of the Midwest to its mouth on the Gulf of Mexico in steamy Louisiana. The Great River Road is an ambitious, 2,000-mile, multi-state journey along length of the river. Travelers will experience a grand voyage through iconic American landscapes, historical sites and cultural landmarks.

The route traverses both sides of the river with many opportunities to cross, so aspiring Huck Finns can explore all 10 states that touch the Mississippi. State parks abound featuring the bluffs of Wisconsin and Iowa, the forests of Minnesota and Mississippi, and more. For birders, the river is the migration path for a signification portion of North American birds, and observant watchers can spot eagles, ibises, pelicans and many more species. When hunger strikes, indulge in homegrown delicacies from orchards, dairy producers and farmer’s markets. And of course, make sure to explore the many quintessential American cities that dot the river, including St. Paul, St. Louis, and New Orleans.

Trail of the Ancients to San Juan Skyway, Utah and Colorado

The Trail of the Ancients and the San Juan Skyway are two connected scenic byways which showcase the breathtaking desert and mountains of the western United States. The Trail of the Ancients loops through both Utah and Colorado, and it features important Native American architectural sites, as well as astonishing desert vistas and wind-sculptured sandstone towers. At the Hovenweep National Monument and the Lowry Pueblo, visitors can explore centuries-old ruins of ancient Puebloan cultures. Movie lovers will instantly recognize the colossal sandstone buttes of Monument Valley that are featured in many classic Westerns.

The Trail of the Ancients joins up with the San Juan Skyway at Mesa Verde National Park. This park preserves 600 cliff dwellings used by the Ancestral Pueblo People over 700 years ago. The byway then ascends into the San Juan Mountains. Many of these jagged peaks soar over 14,000 feet. The area has a rich mining history, and much of the Skyway follows the path of the narrow-gauge railways that supported the mining communities. The 233-mile loop also encompasses the mountain town of Telluride, which is famous for its skiing and festivals, as well as Ouray, which features natural hot springs.

Pacific Coast Scenic Byway, Oregon

The Pacific Coast Scenic Byway is an awe-inspiring tour of towering cliffs, winding beaches and rugged marine landscapes. The byway, which consists primarily of Highway 101, travels for 363 miles along the entire length of Oregon’s coastline, from Astoria near Washington State to Brookings at the California border. The route strings together undeveloped state park land and quaint seaside communities, like the kite-flying and shopping hub Lincoln City.

Travelers will enjoy the chance to see marine life in its natural habitat, like the Sea Lion Caves in Florence, which hosts a community of Stellar sea lions all year. Over 20,000 gray whales swim up the coast during their annual spring and winter migrations, and parks like the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area offer incredible tide pools to explore. For lovers of outdoor recreational activities, the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area offers off-road riding through sand dunes, as well as hiking, horseback riding and more.

5 Reasons Why RV Travel Beats Flying

May is upon on, and the school year will soon be coming to close. Families are now planning their summer vacations, and many will be taking a trip away from home. If you are trying to decide the best way to enjoy your trip, we have created a list of 5 reasons why RV travel is better than flying. Read on and have an adventure this summer!

1) Deal with fewer hassles

Plane travel these days has become ever more time-consuming and aggravating. You need to arrive 90 minutes before your flight to trudge through security, get poked and prodded, and hurry up to wait by the gate. Once the plane arrives (hopefully on time), you’ll be stuffed into an overcrowded fuselage with dozens of other cranky travelers for the rest of the flight.

With an RV, once you’ve finished packing, you can hop in the front seat, turn the key and head off on your adventure. You’ll enjoy the comfort of your own vehicle, the company of your family and loved ones, and the ability to sing along to your favorite tunes at the top of your voice!

2) Embrace spontaneity

When you take a plane, you’ll travel directly from airport to airport (or airport to airport to airport, depending on how many transfers you have to make). Shuffling to the bathroom is probably your only chance to stretch your legs.

With an RV, you are in charge of your own schedule. Maybe you want to take the quickest route to your destination, or maybe you want to amble along a scenic road. Did you see a sign for an interesting attraction? Go and check it out! Hungry? Find a nearby park and have a picnic, or stop by a local restaurant. You can even change your whole itinerary on the fly if you feel like it.

3) Experience the landscape

Planes typically cruise at 39,000 feet above the ground. If you are lucky enough to get a window seat, you’ll most likely be looking down at the tops of clouds. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck staring at the headrest in front of you.

RVers, however, can experience landscape fully as it rolls by their window. You’ll see how it changes from state to state and region to region. Many RVers plan their trips along scenic byways like the Blue Ridge Parkway to bask in the country’s mountains, forests, deserts and more. Even better, instead of a sleeping in a cookie-cutter hotel, RVers can relax in the natural surroundings of a campground.

4) Bring all your toys and sleep in your own bed

Traveling by plane most likely means you will be sleeping in a hotel and sharing a bed that thousands of others have slept in. RV owners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with sleeping in their own bed, and on their own sheets, every night. You’ll never be surprised by the quality, comfort or cleanliness of the mattress.

RVers can also pack as much stuff as they want without worrying about baggage fees or lost luggage. You can keep your clothes wrinkle-free in the closet and have access to everything you brought whenever you might need it. You can also bring along items that would be difficult to bring on a plane, like mountain bikes, canoes, grills and more!

5) Control your costs

Tickets. Taxes. Fees. Rental cars. Hotel rooms. Eating out. The costs that come with vacation travel can stack up quickly. However, RVing gives you more opportunity to control what you are spending. You can choose what type of campground you’ll stay in or even driveway surf to save money. You can cook your own meals instead of visiting restaurants every night, and you’ll be spared all the expenses that are being packed into flying on a plane. In fact, a 2008 study found RV vacation travel to be 23-59% less expensive than other forms.